Our Associates

G. Ronald Bell

Senior Partner

Mr. Bell is the senior partner of the firm of G. Ronald Bell & Associates. He was educated in England at Leeds and Birmingham Universities (LAW) and subsequently at Carleton University in Canada (PHYSICS). He practiced in Britain with a firm of solicitors, before serving with the British Army in which he was placed in charge of the Legal Department of the British Army in Berlin, Germany.

He moved to Canada in 1953, where he qualified with Honours as a Patent Agent in 1957 gaining the highest marks among candidates in that year’s examinations. He practiced with a large Canadian law firm for 16 years and founded the firm of G. Ronald Bell & Associates in 1969.

Mr. Bell has over 45 years experience in all phases of Intellectual Property Law including, in particular, patent and trade-mark practice. He has extensive experience in the handling of patent matters in the fields of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering and is also very skilled and knowledgeable in the handling of physical and extractive metallurgical subject matter.

Recently, Mr. Bell has also been active in the monitoring and supervision of leading-edge technology in the fields of biochemistry and biomedical engineering with which the firm has been charged. He has also been cleared to handle patent matters designated as classified and secret. He was the Editor of the Professional Journal of The Intellectual Property Institute of Canada for 10 years. He has lectured on a wide variety of subjects relating to Industrial Property matters in many countries including Canada, the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, and China. He has been actively involved in developing evidence in many leading Canadian patent cases and has conducted appeals on behalf of clients in many countries. His writings on wide-ranging subjects in Intellectual Property Law generally, including patents, trade-marks, licensing and trade secrets, have been published worldwide. Mr. Bell is also registered to practice as a Patent Agent before the United States Patent Office. Mr. Bell’s extensive experience over the past 50 years enables him to deal competently with complex patent subject matter in many areas of scientific endeavour.