Support Staff

Mary L. Corcoran

Ms. Corcoran occupies the position of Senior Administrative Assistant. She has been associated with the firm since 1981 and has served loyally and diligently during her tenure in our office. Ms. Corcoran is primarily responsible for the maintenance and continuous updating of the firm’s database control system. She has developed a very in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of file administration, control, and monitoring relating to critical aspects of Intellectual Property Law generally. She is also responsible for the monitoring and payment of annuities relating to clients’ files and supervises other members of the staff who assist her in this respect. Ms. Corcoran thus utilizes her extensive administrative experience and knowledge of Intellectual Property practice in safeguarding the interests of our clients throughout the world.

Marlene Paul

Ms. Paul has been associated with the firm since 1994, she handles the position of Senior Executive Assistant to the Senior Partner, G. Ronald Bell. Ms. Paul is responsible for the general supervision and monitoring of secretarial and support staff in the firm. She assists in the maintenance of a close working relationship between the professional members and the senior partner, whom she assists in all aspects of the firm´s management.

Carole Mayers

Ms. Mayers is the Accounting Manager for the firm and is primarily responsible for facilitating all financial matters governing the firm’s operation. She liaises closely with the management of the firm in handling confidential banking transactions and in the control and operation of various accounts held by the firm. Ms. Mayers also supervises the rendering of debit notes and statements to our clients in a discreet and confidential manner. Her extensive experience makes Ms. Mayers a strong and valuable asset to the firm.